Ominous Black // Sadgiqacea Split CD


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Recorded, engineered, and mastered by Mick Mullin at Super 8 Studios, December 2010


released January 27, 2011

Recorded, engineered, and mastered by Mick Mullin at Super 8 Studios, December 2010



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SADGIQACEA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Heavy Planet says, "while destroying everything in their path, Sadgiqacea creates an inspiring assault of devastation. Crushing riffs and ambient beauty swirl as the vocals bark... epic and full-on sludge."

"They’re a sludgy doom band at heart, but are bursting with far too many ideas to allow them to fester inside any one constricting genre tag." - Kim Kelly
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Track Name: Thy Will Be None
The craving of the common man
a dead gaze toward desired land
a beaten path
fueled sharpened wrath

Forming taunting lust fallen in through dust
searing burning hatred locks
wrapped around my tired thoughts
beat me with your broken wings tonight

Red nights/fortnights
Sour moments alone
Dead nights/moonlight
I find my thoughts like shards of glass
I save them, mystified
Writing apathy they grind

I reach my morphing claws in more
with comfort, tear my limbs apart
the pain dissolves I’m one with all
the universe fits in my palm

splinter apart
dark monuments
soothsaying hell
crash and crumble
Thy will be done
thy will be none
thy shall be done
thy shall be none
Track Name: Nature's Antidote
A grueling task
throats parched for what we seek
in mind we quest for flight
the yolk, we hunt, a righteous feat
the sun descends behind the shadows cast in rapid time unsettling flashes blind unnerving visions of vulture’s eyes
Talons ripping through our beating hearts

Falling faster
spreading new found wings
soaring now scaling jagged peaks
darting toward the sun

Imbibe the unborn the fruit of the stone
nature’s antidote
in cutting through the atmosphere
the wind obeys, reverses gusts
and just as fast as we were one
with all and all was one with thee
the earth it turns against ourselves
our wings turn to weights