Submerged in Manichea EP CD


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Recorded in Spring 2010, Mastered in Fall 2010


released October 1, 2010

Recorded and Engineered by Mike Britt @ Savage Rock
Mastered by Chris Grigg @ BS1



all rights reserved


SADGIQACEA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Heavy Planet says, "while destroying everything in their path, Sadgiqacea creates an inspiring assault of devastation. Crushing riffs and ambient beauty swirl as the vocals bark... epic and full-on sludge."

"They’re a sludgy doom band at heart, but are bursting with far too many ideas to allow them to fester inside any one constricting genre tag." - Kim Kelly
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Track Name: Cerebral Pulp: The Blackening
The sky is falling
Encasing dust
The impact calling
The fear in us
A premonition
The blackening
As fate reveals itself
It eats away

In oceans guise
Contorted rays
Our failure drowns
Two realms, one sun

In dark dementia
The red and the white and the black and the pale
I drink it inward
Beneath the wormwood we rot
I breathe it out and drown
Gasping for water and quenching the air
In liquid neon depths

four horsemen ride
-bearing gifts of mortal torment
dark shadows stride
-an Elixir sought to poison

Clawing hexagonal holes in my teeth
The honeycomb
Of ringworms, dissected and probed
On rubber trays
Magnified 1000x
The cedar shade
The poison is festering down
Red and opaque
Track Name: A Piercing Numb
Falsehood will grow like fungus
The trees they never had a say
Reaching into cold dead branches
A rotting corpse that used to breathe

Like axes to oak, axes to birch
Like crashing waves from tides
No one’s seen or heard

Lie into my eyes
Make me see the truth
There all along
Lies are piled high
Sharpened scraps of bone
-A piercing numb

Torment me on never darker whims, I hang on head of needle

Lie into my eyes
Make me see the truth
There all along
Lies are piled high Archer stands and shoots
-A piercing numb
Track Name: Carpe Noctem
Giveth me strength
To do your wrong
Guilded in sin
Veil of Luna

Blackest of streams
Denote disease
Cancerous winds
Evoke archaic hymns